115 Prospectus

115 Co-op prospectusA pamphlet/prospectus for working and co-op membership at Workplace Co-op 115, produced with Robin Kinross & John Morgan (during the building work stage).
“Our aims: The building is a place in which designers and makers can do good work. By ‘good work’ we mean: work that is useful and delightful to others; a practice that is aware of its consequences and tries to balance them, in human terms and in terms of the effects on the wider environment; work that is also useful and delightful to the designers/makers themselves, in the development of their own skills and knowledge; work that comes from an egalitarian practice that is run without hierarchy and without delegation of menial tasks to subordinates; a practice that welcomes apprentices and informal learning; a practice that is concerned to get all the details of a job right.”
Perhaps lofty aims, but you gotta aim high…

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